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Suzy, Spacey, and Kaitlin
First Group [9/1]: Autumn Ainsworth, Charles Alexander, Isaiah Ashley, Billie Atkins, Kiran Baksh, Emile Batista

We accept every Wednesday and Saturday from 5 pm PST - Midnight.
Created July 2013.
Opened January 11th 2014.
Barton Hollow
A friendly southern community where the sun is hot, the swamplands are beautiful, and mysterious alligators pass overhead while we all pretend to sleep.
…welcome to Barton Hollow. |

Keeping our Listeners updated, so here is some of the characters we are currently creating from the face and name up. We start from scratch with an idea of who we want to be in our roleplay, character type wise, and how we want them to affect what happens. And this is what we have so far. Not all will make the second batch, some will be released in the third or fourth, and we will be adding a bit more to this list of upcoming characters.

This is just to notify you all that we are currently here and working our butts off, and that we want to give you our best so that you’ll want to give us yours when you apply and join Barton Hollow.

Thank you,
xx BH Admin Team

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